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Inspiracao. Essencia. Substancia. Ideias diferentes. Uma jornada vivendo a arte de surfar. Fotografia, poesia, alma. Tornando sonhos realidade. Nossa vida e' um buraco de vacuo se movendo continuamente no espaco, no tempo. Nos acreditamos em destino.

Thursday, December 18, 2014


Guto Morelli - OutraCultura brand ambassador. Athlete of the Year 2014 ASJ (Association of Surfing Joaquina beach). He is vicious. He was always super quiet but really gnarly at whatever he picked to do. Very intelligent, always observing. Then he decided to do his own thing at his own pace. Inspired, he started to travel around the world and surfing every wave that would break in front of him. He lived in Portugal and traveled around Europe. He moved to Santa Barbara in California and surfed epic Rincon + everywhere else. After that he went to live in Kauai and quickly made the transition to surf bigger waves. He paddles out by himself in massive conditions and doesn’t even care if people are watching or not. Guto went to Indonesia and dominated the waves like only a pro can do. He flew to Peru and scored epic rides. Guto went to Fernando de Noronha and brought back no words but a bunch of photos getting barreled. He never made a dime from sponsors or support from companies or wealthy parents. A true soul surfer who started to get into competitions later in his life and he is absolutely killing all the local contests in Southern Brazil, where he is now settled down. Morellinho (that's how his core tight group used to call him, it means Little Morelli) impresses everyone by how hard he pushes himself. He has so much love for surfing that he naturally makes the whole Joaquina Beach crew so proud. While most veteran surfers slow down after mid 30’s, Guto is fired up. Fearless. Possessed! And for what? He has nothing to prove. But when the next swell comes in, there he is. "For me its Guto warrior spirit that inspires me the most."

Monday, September 29, 2014

Life After Idol

When we started surfing, Curren, Occy, Carrol and Pottz were kings. We knew that before these guys, Shaun Tompson, Cheyne Horan, Mark Richards, Wayne Lynch and Michael Peterson were the best in the business. I personally always like more underground stuff, in surfing and music as well. I mean, not so commercial shit. I didn't like the way Damian Hardman, Barton Lynch, Dave Macaulay and Rob Bain surfed, I hated Gary Elkerton's style. I was more into Nicky Wood's style, Matt Archbold, Brad Gerlach. Then the "Momentum" generation came along and all that era was gone, dead. But at the end of the day we all know how important all these guys in any different eras were so relevant for the sport. Every single one of them took the sport to another level in their own way, in style and performance. And only a professional surfer himself knows how hard is to get there, to make a statement, to be recognized and be victorious in one of the hardest sport in the world. Watching two of the most iconic surfers ever, talking about their lives on the tour in different times and discussing their lives after the celebrity status surfing carrier was for me very special. I'm not gonna say what they said to each other, because it's bigger than life itself. I felt like I discovered a mystery. Something that doesn't belong to me, doesn't belong to anyone. One thing I can say, the mutual respect between them was beautiful to watch, and even besides their idol-hero aspect dream life, I felt them more human being than most normal people that I've known.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Unsponsored Surfers

Raoni Monteiro in California

There is a camera following him wherever he goes, whatever he does in San Clemente. The "Woohoo" (brazilian TV show) crew including Antonio Ricardo and the Bocayuva brothers are making a documentary about Raoni Monteiro's life on the ASP World Tour, the major league of surfing. Many years tour companion and best friend Neco Padaratz comes along to show the TV crew the spot where he surfs all the time, Cotton's. The two friends had a surf session together, all filmed by the cameraman. Raoni is staying -not so bad- at the Casa Romantica over looking the San Clemente pier and the californian golden sunset. He has no main sponsors at the moment so he has to travel with money out of his own pocket, which means the Prize money. He's been training a lot lately. Wakes up early in the morning and go surf. Then he goes to the contest, surfs his heats and hangs out at the competitors area for a bit. He wears OutraCultura's t-shirt and hat, an underground brand from California. People keep asking him: what is that? - is it a company? - a movement? - from Brazil? Raoni Monteiro was a kid phenomenon from Saquarema who has been on the Tour for many years and has reached an amazing success in his Pro carrier, including a victory at Sunset beach, Hawaii. In the room, Neco and Raoni are talking about how the wave breaks with this mixed swell tail of a hurricane at Lower Trestles, and what board to ride... Raoni puts some music on his iphone: brazilian hip-hop "FelipeRet". Then he talks about the record label that signed this talented street musician and how they became famous in Brazil. He tells us what happened with his last sponsor "Pena". "I'm happy that I don't ride for them anymore" he comments. Then they go to the HurleyPro party at OC tavern. Drinks, friends, conversation, woman, shots... Next day he is pretty tired but it's perfect 'cause he is taking a long flight back to Brazil then to France to compete in the ASP World Tour european leg. He will be facing Joel Parkinson and Kai Otton in Round One.


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Central America Dip - with Nathan Stoneman

Usually OutraCultura make no sense. And we like to keep it that way. Because seems like the people that make no sense, are the ones who have the most fun. Yes, for most people, make no sense spend $10.000 dollares to go on a surf trip instead to invest this money on a more lucrative way. Whatever, just capitalism. We go for the fun. That happiness that keeps us young, smiling. OutraCultura went to Central America through the eyes, blood and soul of Nathan Stoneman. Simplicity. Dragging around along surfboard bags and memories. In "The world is a book, those who don't travel only read one page"... the visual, the metaphor, the message. Nathan Stoneman wants to read "the whole book". You learn more from traveling then from college, that's for sure. Not just about cultures, languages, people, virtues and life. You learn about yourself. You stretch your comfort level and make you better. After so many years and so many countries you acclimate and start to feel like home anywhere. Some places allow for a progression in your personality that your home just can't offer. Nathan Stoneman has been around the world. He has woken up in couches, haciendas, hostels, warungs and chateaus. He has woken up hungover and smelling of perfume. His passport is full and his memory has forgot about time. He travels for the waves, for the culture, for the love. Somewhere in Central America, the water was so green and warm that it defied logic. The waves were so perfect that made them completely silent. In some spots they were leg-burner long. The barrels weren't long. Neither wide. Just barrels. And getting barreled is always divine. In their last morning there, leaving to the airport, Nathan knew he was going back to his life, cell phone, work, boss, Instagram, Facebook... I'm not sure if he knew he was going to end up in this blog.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Where is he??

After failing to re-qualify for the ASP World Tour in 2010 by one spot (that unfair half-year cut) and being dropped by his sponsors, two-time WQS World Champion Neco Padaratz is coming back from a obscure period in his life. With no money left in his bank account and being supported by drug dealers he found himself in the deepest hole of his life. But his wife Ana, the one who never left him alone, gave up a comfortable and successful carrier as a dentist in Brazil to try to save him from the inevitable, an ugly and sad end. She decided to start a new life in California, taking Neco away from bad vibes and into new horizons. The only surfer alive who fell off and came back to the World Tour 4 times, is now surfing better than ever, is happier than ever, and is looking to help his friend Morelli to launch his clothing brand "OutraCultura". "I wanted to cry when I was helping Morelli to put all those T-shirts and hats and catalogs in the back of his partner's truck to go to SurfSide surf shop and Jack's surfboards, it felt like a dream come true" says Neco in Newport Beach. It's beautiful to see him strong again, fit and smiling. It shows in his surfing. When Kelly Slater was once asked about the comparisons between Adriano de Souza and Neco Padaratz the answer came quick: "There will never gonna be another Neco!" Fair enough.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Surf Coach Neco Padaratz

The legend is back in California and signed up with OutraCultura. One of the most competitive surfers ever and living legend brazilian warrior Neco Padaratz will be doing some coaching for young surfers who are aspiring to make a carrier in this grinding industry. You also will be able to eventually see him destroying the waves at any spot from San Diego to Huntington on his nice new quiver that he brought from Brazil shaped by Hennek and Havenga. Check out here for more updates.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Interview: Guto Morelli

(foto: Marcio David) Irmao mais novo e' aquela coisa, amor e rivalidade. O mais novo quer sempre ser melhor que o mais velho, por ter o irmao mais velho como idolo, o mais velho tem sempre que melhorar para nao perder para o mais novo. Andy and Bruce Irons sao um dos exemplos que vem a minha cabeca. Faz muitos anos que eu deixei a rivalidade de lado e me tornei fan do meu irmao mais novo. O cara e' tao obcecado que nao tem como competir com ele. Abandonei, e parti para o lado artistico, que dai nao tem pra ele (risos). Ele me traz muito orgulho. Guto e' uma pessoa muito inteligente, muitas vezes quieto mas de personalidade muito forte. Muito determinado. Tem no sangue o DNA dos Morelli. Recentemente Guto fez mais uma final em competicao local (Assossiacao de Surf do Campeche), ao lado de nomes como Carlos Gama e David Huzadel, lendas vivas do surf brasileiro. Eu lembro quando eu era crianca, com 12 anos de idade, eu via o Gama, Ivan Junkes, Kaxote, Lulu Oliveira e Roberto Lima colocando as pranchas em cima de uma Gurgel Carajas na frente do Colegio Catarinense, e tocando para o surf. Esses caras eram idolos para nos. Nos nao tinhamos acesso a revistas ou videos de surf, era muito raro. O que nos inspirava era isso, ver os caras na real, o que estava realmente acontecendo ao nosso redor. Eu lembro bem de ter presenciado no final dos anos 80 o Ismail Maciel quebrando as valas da Praia Brava. O Luis Neguinho (na Praia Mole) tambem impressionava. Sandro Sarda'(na Joaquina), Malelo (no Santinho) e Stewart (na Barra) tinham muito estilo. Bons tempos. Quando comecei a frequentar a praia da Joaquina diariamente, quando ainda moleque, la' estavam caras da minha geracao como Marquinho Goncalves, Rodrigo Viegas, Cabecinha, Fabio Break, Guga Arruda. No Matadeiro tinha Alcir de Souza e Alexandre Veiga. Em Baln. Camboriu onde passavamos os veroes durante a adolescencia tinha a galera do Roma incluindo Mickey Bernardoni e James Santos e a galera do Centro como Malhado, Andre Huebes, Christian Vaccaro, Fabiano Fisher, Terence Shauffert, os irmaos Padaratz e muitos outros. Camboriu respirava surf, e isso era o que mais nos inspirava, ver nossos amigos surfando. E quando alguem vinha pra mim e dizia que o Guto tinha surfado melhor do que eu, eu ficava puto, e tudo que eu tinha na cabeca era surfar melhor no dia seguinte. O tempo passou, nos crescemos, seguimos nossas vidas, cada um com seu caminho, mas o amor pelo surf e' o mesmo. Cada um do seu jeito. Segue aqui no blog, uma entrevista com um dos meus maiores idolos, meu irmao e OutraCultura "ambassador", Guto "Morellinho". 1. Qual e' a sua rotina no seu dia a dia, como vc faz pra consciliar surf e trabalho? Guto: Meus dias e minha agenda é de acordo com as ondas. Procuro trabalhar bastante nos dias ruins de onda para quando tem onda eu poder surfar. Ou seja a natureza dita o ritmo. 2. Qual as suas ondas favoritas? Guto: Minhas ondas favoritas são a Joaquina e o Campeche. Moro entre essas duas praias e dependendo do vento e swell vou para uma ou outra. 3. Fale um pouco das suas viagens pelo mundo, suas experiencias, momentos inesqueciveis... Guto: Já viajei para Europa, Califórnia, Hawaii, Peru, Indonésia e México. Cada viagem representa uma fase da minha vida. Elas me ajudaram a viver grandes experiências e adquirir uma certa bagagem. Acho que a maior riqueza que tenho na vida são os momentos que vivi e guardo na memória. 4. Quem eram teus idolos (locais) na adolescencia? Quem te influenciava? E hoje em dia quais sao os seus surfistas favoritos? Guto: Quem mais me influenciou foram os caras que eu via surfando na Joaca quando eu era garoto. Evandro Faria com a maior naturalidade nas ondas grandes, Marcos Gonçalves dando show, Neco Padaratz destruindo, Rodrigo Viegas entubando com estilo, Fabricio Machado esculpindo as ondas com rasgadas. 5. Onde vc encontra motivacao para continuar surfando, principalmente nos dias grandes? Guto: Minha motivação vem de dentro. Se eu perder um dia bom, grande, fico nervoso!! Parece que tenho que estar lá para alimentar um bicho que vive dentro de mim. Quando ta grande, fico tenso, tento dominar essa tensão e encarar os desafios, conhecer meus limites. A natureza nos ensina muito a sermos humildes. Outra coisa que me motiva são os surfistas big-riders que encaram ondas como jaws, mavs, teahupoo, pipe... Quando vejo o que esses caras estão fazendo, percebo que sou um jovem aprendiz. 6. Que tipo de musica vc tem escutado? Guto: Tenho ouvido vários sons, sou bem eclético e ouço diferentes tipos de música, dependendo do momento.. 7. Quais seus planos para o futuro? Guto: Agora meus planos são me manter em forma, saudável para poder continuar surfando o melhor que eu puder. Em breve quero voltar para Indonésia e se possível visitar a Austrália. Estou trabalhando forte para conseguir realizar esses sonhos.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Stackin the Deck - Nathan Fletcher part (Astrodeck)

Nathan Fletcher is the most different surfer ever. This is rare footage of so many years ago.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Old movie, good times!

In 1996 one of the best underground high-performance surf videos of all times was released by Taylor Steele. Before that he made classics like Momentum and Focus, but GOOD TIMES was the last one of that era with a home-made feeling, low budget, bad quality gear. All Taylor's movies after that were mainstream. There is two reasons that made his videos so popular - copying skateboard videos (parts for each rider) and choosing the right music for each part (surfer). I know for fact that a lot of the music was suggested by Greg Browning, one of the surfers shown on the videos, a LA County surfer with a really good taste for punk-rock music, and also helped Steele with filming and editing. At the time Rob Machado - one of Taylor's surfers - was playing in a band called Sack Lunch. We can see bellow the Rob's part on the video and more recently playing live. Old shit, good vibes!

good times-rob machado

americans channeled

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Napkin Notes

Finding fresh perspectives and more surf in a new way of life. (written by Napa Merlot) Old age, new groove. It's winter, offshore wind and the WNW swell is building. Forty is considered old by many but for these grey-ish hair boys means just mature teenagers. They seem to be full of bad habits including "stop at the Starbucks for a white-mocha-frappuccino". They don't get charmed easily and besides the time behind them, they feel like they have a whole life to live. On the ledge of the cliffs they stare at the sea. Even a few minutes away from home, new waves. Old age, new world. Old maneuvers, new peaks. Old school style, new reefs, traditional turns, new attitude. They make fun of every single thing that come in front of their eyes. They are 40 going on 21 year old. "Let's paddle out before the wind turns... Well I don't care, maybe it's not so crowd if gets messy". Full wetsuit on, booties, wax rubbing... He looks at an emerald split-peak and carves an "S" in the air with his fingers mind-surfing the left-hander. There is never an aerial maneuver in his mind-surfing, only cutbacks, snaps, floaters and lay-backs. It's pretty obvious for someone who instead of watching clips of John John Florence on YouTube, he searches for old footage of Nick Wood, Dada Figueiredo, Neco Padaratz... When I ask what surfer he likes to watch now days the answer is: "The most interesting surfer these days is Nathan Fletcher, but he is almost 40", he says with a confident smile in his face. And he continues: "I'm always interested in what Daryl "Flea" Virotsko is doing too, he is a pretty cool character", then he runs down the trail towards the cobblestones. They surfed 'till the sky turns fluorescent, 'till it turns bloody. He comes in walking slowly, stopping several times to look back to the waves, to the horizon, contemplating. The first thing he does when he gets to the car is turn on the system. The guy is a punk-rock addicted and his Pandora station goes from Misfits to Dead Kennedy's, from Black Flag to Motorhead, from Social Distortion to Bad Brains, from Agent Orange to Minor Threat, then to Youth Brigade, to Suicidal Tendencies, to Black Sabbath, to Pantera... Noisy and aggressive music, all the time, in opposite of his mellow and hyper-happy personality. Our stomachs are screaming so we stopped at some irish pub for food and drinks. He ordered a salad and I heckled him: "Salad?!!" He answers: "I'm trying to be healthy" with an ironic face and asked the hot-blonde bartender for a 22oz's IPA. I ordered a bacon, bleu-cheese, grilled onions and avocado burger with a side of french fries followed by a Stella Artois. You can tell he likes weird stuff while our conversation goes on: "I recently watched the documentary about pro-skater from the 80's Mark Gator. Pretty crazy shit". He wipes his mouth with a paper napkin that I wrote some notes on and keeps talking: "I tried to find a movie about Jason Jessee (titled Pray For Me), another pro-skater from the 80's but it's not available on line, he is a very interesting and strange guy. I used to skate a lot when I was a teenager so I really liked those movies. I like that one about Duane Peters (Who Cares), and I look for Punk movement documentaries, stuff about Keith Morris and Jello Biafra, they are so smart". He explains: "I always have been part of this culture since it hit me in the mid 80's. I used to hand out with these guys they had a punk-rock band, then we had our own band, then surfing was rebel at the time too, and it's natural you start skating when there is no waves... And I had this political side, I was always a thinker, but at the same time I love to be free and I don't care about shit, so this is pretty much who I am, what I learned, and who I wanna be. It probably all come from my artistic side." He orders another beer and ask me: "Have you watched the movie (Control) about Joy Division's Ian Curtis?!" My answer is negative and he goes: "It's depressive" (and laughs). Suddenly he stops talking about weird stuff and goes all serious about his clothing brand and all his projects and plans, and how he is gonna try to bring his buddy Neco Padaratz back from obscurity. He also tells me how his brother Guto is killing it in surfing and life in general and making him so proud and keeping him inspired. He couldn't stop talking for like an hour or maybe three 22oz's. Well, old age, new wanderer. Old bar, new plans. Old habits,new dreams.