Inspiration. Essence. Substance. Different ideas. A journey living the art of surfing. Photography, poetry, soul. Dreams coming true. Our life is a vortex moving continually in time and space. We believe in destiny.

Inspiracao. Essencia. Substancia. Ideias diferentes. Uma jornada vivendo a arte de surfar. Fotografia, poesia, alma. Tornando sonhos realidade. Nossa vida e' um buraco de vacuo se movendo continuamente no espaco, no tempo. Nos acreditamos em destino.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


We are about to finnish our latest work, which might be the most groundbreaking surf book to date. Brazil's surf star Neco Padaratz and underground surfer/photographer Alexandre Morelli want to show you the new directions.


Drinking a cup of coffee, a new-era photography work-horse, knows what sorta conditions produce quality photos. But, he doesn't care. He will shoot anyway. Everything is backwards. He sits dawn on a rock, no tripod. pops a Corona and points his 300mm to the ocean. "You inspire me so much just because I know you are there" Neco says. He changed his hair style and he's been wearing the same logoless black t-shirt continuously. Posh socialite bars with bright cocktails and doe-eyed honeyspots in striped leggings. Swirling lights and slurring rumors.


Every missed opportunity creates a newer, more unique opportunity. A change in scenery. he is already gone, disappeared into the darkness of his studio. Forget the future. Forget the past. Live moment in time. The beauty of now is that it never stays, and it's always right here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Opposite Wind

Morelli flows some roundhouses. Neco is so precise in every turn. Some hot chicks kissed each other. He sticks an Astrodeck on his brand new 6'0" and painted the nose black. Neco ingnites the dance floor. They sample new dishes. They sip tasty wines. They haven't put their addiction down even once. An ocean view house party. A new world discoteque.