Inspiration. Essence. Substance. Different ideas. A journey living the art of surfing. Photography, poetry, soul. Dreams coming true. Our life is a vortex moving continually in time and space. We believe in destiny.

Inspiracao. Essencia. Substancia. Ideias diferentes. Uma jornada vivendo a arte de surfar. Fotografia, poesia, alma. Tornando sonhos realidade. Nossa vida e' um buraco de vacuo se movendo continuamente no espaco, no tempo. Nos acreditamos em destino.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Central America Dip - with Nathan Stoneman

Usually OutraCultura make no sense. And we like to keep it that way. Because seems like the people that make no sense, are the ones who have the most fun. Yes, for most people, make no sense spend $10.000 dollares to go on a surf trip instead to invest this money on a more lucrative way. Whatever, just capitalism. We go for the fun. That happiness that keeps us young, smiling. OutraCultura went to Central America through the eyes, blood and soul of Nathan Stoneman. Simplicity. Dragging around along surfboard bags and memories. In "The world is a book, those who don't travel only read one page"... the visual, the metaphor, the message. Nathan Stoneman wants to read "the whole book". You learn more from traveling then from college, that's for sure. Not just about cultures, languages, people, virtues and life. You learn about yourself. You stretch your comfort level and make you better. After so many years and so many countries you acclimate and start to feel like home anywhere. Some places allow for a progression in your personality that your home just can't offer. Nathan Stoneman has been around the world. He has woken up in couches, haciendas, hostels, warungs and chateaus. He has woken up hungover and smelling of perfume. His passport is full and his memory has forgot about time. He travels for the waves, for the culture, for the love. Somewhere in Central America, the water was so green and warm that it defied logic. The waves were so perfect that made them completely silent. In some spots they were leg-burner long. The barrels weren't long. Neither wide. Just barrels. And getting barreled is always divine. In their last morning there, leaving to the airport, Nathan knew he was going back to his life, cell phone, work, boss, Instagram, Facebook... I'm not sure if he knew he was going to end up in this blog.